How to make Google your default IE11 search provider

Yes, it’s true… I am writing a blog about Internet Explorer. Many professional environments with Windows builds (especially ones that use Microsoft web applications) make Internet Explorer mandatory for users. And with Internet Explorer comes Microsoft’s default search provider, Bing.

You can easily install other search providers from the Internet Explorer Gallery, but for some reason Google search is no where to be found. Yes, some strange reason…


Perplexed, you consult the Internet and everyone is telling you to go to the Internet Explorer Gallery. We already tried that, so I wanted to share with you the solution I found via the comments section of another blog!

  1. Browse to Google
  2. Search “Google search provider”
  3. Click on the first result “Make Google your default search provider – Google”
  4. Add the site to your IE compatibility list. Otherwise the next step won’t work.
    1. Click the cog
    2. Click “Compatibility View settings”
    3. “Add” the current site
    4. And “Close”
  5. Now you can click that “Make Google my default search engine” button.
  6. Check the “Make this my default search provider” box and click “Add”.
  7. You’re done!

Optional! Remove Google’s site back out of Compatibility View 🙂

Thanks to User “A” for their helpful comment.