Empty solutions after upgrading to Visual Studio 2013

Horray! You just upgraded to Visual Studio 2013 and you’re pumped to use it. In my case, I got a computer upgrade and couldn’t wait to see how much faster my K2 blackpearl workflow development was going to go.

Open a solution you were working on before and you might get this message…

One-way upgrade
Visual Studio will automatically make functional changes to the following projects in order to open them. You will not be able to open these projects in the version of Visual Studio in which they were originally created.
Non-functional changes required
Visual Studio will automatically make non-functional changes to the following projects in order to enable them to open in Visual Studio 2013, Visual Studio 2012, and Visual Studio 2010 SP1. Project behavior will not be impacted.

Alright, pretty normal stuff. Let’s do it.
Visual Studio does some magical incantations and returns a report saying everything went peachy.


Phew, what a relief! Now let’s get to work…

This project needs to be migrated.
This project needs to be migrated.

Wait, what? Where are my files? And why does it say it needs to be migrated? That migration report looked pretty conclusive… What happened?

Chances are either your solution file or k2 project file is read-only. Therefore, Visual Studio couldn’t make those functional and non-functional changes it needed to. You had one job, report. ONE JOB.

  1. Go ahead and close the solution.


  2. Navigate to your project files and delete the newly created “V12.suo” file. This is the only way to get that one-way upgrade message to pop up again.


  3. Now right click your solution and k2 project files and uncheck that nasty “Read-only” checkbox. I went ahead and looked at every file in the solution, just in case.


  4. Open and re-migrate that solution again


Now you can get back to work!